AVIR Chapters

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Why  are Chapters so important?    

At the grassroots level, Chapters help foster local and regional  educational opportunities and increase the overall visibility and influence of the National AVIR organization.   A Chapter's activities enables its members, and chapters enable the National AVIR organization.   Every technologist needs to obtain CE's to maintain their certification. AVIR local and national meetings help you achieve this goal by offering Continuing Education combined with networking opportunities and industry exposure.

How Can You Start a Chapter in your State or Region?   

Depending on where you live, there may be a Chapter already, but you can still be involved. The Chapter listings have been updated with  current contact information, so  feel free to e-mail the Chapter Representative in your area or region to inquire about upcoming meetings or events.  The process of starting a Chapter has a few requirements.  Evaluating interest amongst your peers, whether within your institution,  city or region is a first step.  Networking this interest through the AVIR and industry sponsors can help promote an increased awareness, and potential members. Reviewing the AVIR Chapter manual will also be necessary, as there are reporting requirements, CE application, and sponsorship information essential in having successful events.   Selecting  leadership, and  organizing formal or informal meetings to discuss possible events and delegating the tasks that go along with  AVIR sponsored CE presentations is  important. Communicating those discussions and events to your constituents is important as well.

Visit the AVIR website to access the Chapter Manual, and find the contacts of those who can help you be a success. The current website is a valuable resource.  Additionally, we have a new Chapter Start-Up Guide, in power point format, that has great information.  Feel free to contact our Director at Large if you have any additional questions.

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